Musthave for scatterbrains like me


I think everyone has had a moment like this once: in a rush and without being conscious you have put all your stuff in extremely unusual places. A few minutes later, you realise that you’ve lost your keys. … I have had this many times, and I always say something like: “I wish I could just call my keys!!!” like you do when you’ve  lost your phone.

Well, my wish came true. The Tile App gives you the opportunity to find all your lost stuff. All you need to do is attach a Tile to your keys, bicycle, wallet or phone. In case you lose something, these Tiles – bluetooth low energy tags – will trace your lost objects. The Tile doesn’t need to charge and it functions like GPS. The Tile App allows you to let a Tile ring, when you expect the object to be near.

The ‘social network’-idea behind The Tile App is sharing your Tiles with other users. When you mark one of your tagged objects as lost, all the users in your network are aware of it and can help you find it. Every user is able to pick up the location of any Tileif you share them with each other. “Where did you last see it?”, it’s always my mom asking me this question. That’s the thing mom, I don’t remember! Well, The Tile AppDOES remember.

tile-app-3 tile

In my opinion, The Tile App is really cool because losing things is a bad habit of many, many, many people. We’re living in a fast community, everyone is busy all day. Our lives can be a mess sometimes. The Tile App is a great solution to reduce our stress and the fear of losing things. For me personally, it would be a big relief.

I think it has future growth potential, because it is a solution for a ‘problem’ many people have to deal with. The more people start using the app, the more usefull it is. The Tile App has to grow to be usefull.  Watch and let’s get inspired!



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