Online Nanny


A few years ago, when I was babysitting, the two year old boy asked me: “Why don’t you have an iPad?” Yes, I have to admit: I was not as up to date as the two year old boy was.

I don’t say the combination ‘children and online’ is bad and maybe I have to give in that ‘being online’ is the future. However, I think it is important that parents are involved with all these renewals and in my opinion they are allowed to know a part of what their children do on the internet.

NetNanny has the solution. The application will block inappropriate content of websites. Parents can choose which application the children can download. There are many filters and the filters will unable the children to download gambling games or to watch porn. Some websites have pop-ups, so children accidently arrive on a porn website. NetNanny will stop that. Parents will get notifications by email when something is wrong. It may sound a little bit like stalking, but in this online society, I might think it is necessary. You should tell your children about it though.

The application is cool, because NetNanny gives children the freedom to surf on the Internet, but parents don’t need to be afraid that the children see inappropriate content. Parent don’t have to see exactly what their children do, but they can protect them.

It has future growth potential, because we are living in a world where ‘being online’ is usual. In the newspapers we read lots of posts about online pedophiles. I don’t think there is an option to keep the children from the internet, because almost every mother and every father has a smartphone. To let the children do what they want, is NetNanny really helpful. Benefit for both: kids can enjoy being online and parents can enjoy because they don’t need to be afraid anymore!


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