Mouse increases happiness


Social networking, working all day at the office on a computer, writing a paper for school, gaming…
It is pretty hard to find something you can do without using your computer.
We are living in a computerworld, with computerjobs and computergames. And obviously I won’t be the first one to say that sitting all day, staring at the screen, isn’t really healthy for you.


Evgeni Leonov had exactly the same thoughts. He is an architect and designer and in March this year he designed the GoodMood Mouse. The GoodMood Mouse has two sensors, the Activity Sensor and the Wellness Sensor. The Activity Sensor sends a vibration to your arm after spending an hour working on the computer. The vibration makes clear that it’s time to get off your chair, to make a short walk and in particular to take some time for yourself. The mouse will send the vibration earlier if the mouse has made many more moves in a minute, because this means that the work has been more intense. I think it is really cool, because there are many technologies for computers, but this is a technology, for a computer, that actually improves your health! And that exactly is what makes the GoodMood Mouse fresh and new.


The Wellness Sensor measures the temperature of the body and your blood pressure. In case the results are notable and aberrant, you will hear a sound. The sound means you need to take a break, to get the standard and healthy results again.

The GoodMood Mouse has future growth potential, because more and more people will have an office job and because of the new technology, everything can be accomplished by using a computer. The GoodMood Mouse is made for people who have to sit all day. The Mouse stimulates people with this ‘sitting lifestyle’ to keep moving. Evgeni Leonove has designed this mouse to increase people’s health and quality of life. Furthermore, the mouse is made of environmentally friendly and natural materials. The Mouse is durable, so I can see this future everywhere!



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