Sleep well, dear readers


I am sorry if I am spamming you with all my blogposts one after the other. I will formulate it like this: I don’t have the greatest talent for planning.

What I do have, is the greatest application for you. The Beddit sleep tracker is an almost invisible, thin strip attached to your mattress or bed. You won’t even feel the strip when you are sleeping, but the strip does feel you! After a night sleeping on the Beddit tracker, the user can see data of the heartbeat, the breathingrhythm, the snoring and moving during the sleep. The quality of your sleep depends on these data.

Thereafter, Bluetooth will send the data to the user’s smartphone and the Beddit application will give you the opportunity to look at these results. Based on the results, the application will offer you suggestions to improve the quality of your sleep. Besides, the application has an alarm clock, which will wake you up when you are in a light stage of sleep.

large (2)

I already knew the existence of many ‘sleep apps’ for smartphones, but the Beddit sleep tracker is cool, because it’s refreshing and trustworthy. The other applications don’t offer the most reliable results, because your smartphone is next to your bed or maybe under your pillow and isn’t able to feel your heartbeat or the exact moves you make during your sleep. The normal applications are in my opinion made for entertainment (I do like them, don’t get me wrong!), but the Beddit sleep tracker can really help you to improve the quality of sleep.


I think the Beddit sleep tracker had future growth potential, because it’s a renovation. There are devices which can measure your heartbeat and breathingrhythm during the night, but these are really big. A headband or wristband feels really uncomfortable if you ask me, and maybe it will even change your data because the wristband will make you restless.

Although I just woke up, the Beddit sleep tracker seems a great excuse to me to go to sleep again!



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