Wrapping plants


Wrapping paper. The paper exists in every colour and every pattern you can imagine. To be honest, it sounds pretty silly. But it’s like a tradition, the present needs to be a surprise, that makes it more exciting.

When celebrating my birthday, I know what my family will give me, without any doubt (That’s maybe due to my short wishlists).
But receiving presents without wrapping paper, would give me the feeling that wrapping it in just a few minutes was too much effort.
And presents under the Christmas tree without paper? What’s the fun of that?!

However, wrapping paper is polluting. We use it one time and then we throw it in the trash. Last year, the trashes In the United States were filled with enough with wrapping paper to wrap the earth nine times! This was told in the short film below.


Durable wrapping paper with a second life is what we need. Eden’s Paper is the answer. After unwrapping the present, there is a second present hidden. The seeds are securely hidden on the back side of the paper in layers of biodegradable tissue paper. All you have to do is ‘plant’ the paper and water it. Thereafter, you are able to cultivate your own tomatoes, carrots, brocolli, onions and red peppers! Pretty cool, don’t you think? It is surprisingly, easy and funny. A nice present for 50+ gardenlovers, gardeners and even for kids.

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com

The ink is vegetable and the wrapping paper is made of recycled paper. The layers of paper are punched together so there is no need for glue. The product has future growth potential because it is really durable. Soon we will all realize that throwing our wrapping paper away is a shame. Durability is a trend and this wrapping paper participates really well in the trend.

The hidden present makes receiving this present an experience. You don’t expect it at all and unwrapping your presents is more fun than usual. This present will probably be the only one you will remember a few years later. There is an experience in the product.

Source: http://www.weheartit.com

If you would like to have your Christmas presents wrapped in tomato seeds, supportthis campaign to get it on the market.

I wish you all a durable Christmas!



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