Message in a bottle


Two litres of water a day, keeps the doctor away. I never achieve that goal and I could definitely use some help with it.

Many people struggle with the big amount of water you have to consume every day. You need water to regulate your body temperature and when you don’t drink enough, you run the risk of getting a urinary infection, a headache, no focus on your work or other complications.


BluFit is a water bottle that is in direct contact with your smartphone to record your water drinking habits. In the meanwhile, the smart bottle will keep you healthy and hydrated. The app needs some personal data like your age and weight to show you how much water you need. When you start drinking from your BluFit bottle, the bottle collects the time and amount of water consumed and thereafter the app will show you these data.


I think it is cool, because everyone carries a bottle of water and a smartphone at work or in college and BluFit creates a practical combination of those two. BluFit has sounds and alert lights you can customize yourself, which makes drinking water a fun challenge.

The trend total transparency is about openness, that there is nothing to hide. The bottle exposes everything, like your drinking habits and health risks. It may be a confrontation to see your (unhealthy) lifestyle exposed, but that’s what transparency is about: the naked truth!


BluFit isn’t for sale yet, but I do think it has Future Growth Potential. It’s a signal in the transparency trend and at the same time, many people want a healthier lifestyle. In my opinion, water is the core of many health issues. When you don’t drink enough, you will get ‘hungry’. It’s a fake feeling of hunger though. So it all starts with water and the bottle contributes to the start of a healthier lifestyle.

All this writing about water makes me thirsty, so let’s take a break and see you later tonight while posting my fifth and last coolhunt!



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