Coffee diet


I love coffee.

I need it.

Coffee at 7 am: to wake up.
Coffee the rest of the morning: to keep my eyes open during college.
Coffee in the afternoon: well, that’s more like a 4 o’clock cappuccino ritual…
Coffee in the evening: when I have an almost impossible deadline to meet.


There is no alcohol in it. And no sugar when I take my coffee black.
Too much coffee still isn’t exactly beneficial for your health. The new app UP Coffee wants to warn you when you’re consuming an excess of caffeine.

UP Coffee by Jawbone is a combination of a mobile application and a band. The app shows movement, sleep and eat details from the UP band.


It is cool, because you get to learn how many cups of coffee you can drink without disturbing the quality of your sleep. Besides, the app displays possible relationships between how much and when you drink, your bedtime, sleep duration and nighttime awakenings. You can discover how your body reacts on different amounts of caffeine. You don’t get some random information, it’s personal and it will help you to live healthier.

I think UP Coffee has future growth potential, because currently, many people want to live healthy (almost obsessively!). We want to know which products are the most appropriate for our body. The app gives us a piece of transparency about the effects of caffeine. It can have a positive effect on your quality of life. Jawbone’s slogan is ‘Know yourself. Live better’. I agree with the slogan: the app will offer personal knowledge which will help you to have better nights and more energy during the day.

Unfortunately the app is only available for iPhone (always the same), so my life won’t get any better for now.




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