Beneath your feet


We often get the advice to drive less in order to reduce the carbon emissions. We should stop using our washer and refrigerator, we should stop going on holiday by plane and we should wear warmer sweaters instead of turn the heater on 21 degrees.

Of course, there’s a truth in this story. But we shouldn’t forget about other causes of the problem, like agriculture.

According to the new initiative Zero Carbon Food, agriculture contributes to a third of the total carbon emissions. In the meanwhile, London’s population is still growing like crazy.

Zero Carbon Food is positioned in a network of tunnels in – under! – London. In the past, it was used as a bomb shelter. Now it’s like a greenhouse 33 metres under the ground where they grow all kinds of vegetables. In the usual agriculture, there is a lot waste of water. This system uses 70% less water than usual systems.


The ‘underground part’ is what makes it so cool. It is pretty mysterious so the citizens would die to know what is happening beneath their feet. It is local, and local food is trending at the moment. So apparantly, Zero Carbon Food follows these trends.


The market for this kind of producing is huge. It is local and sustainable, exactly what we need. The initiative focusses on the future. That’s why Zero Carbon Food has future growth potential. If we won’t reduce the CO2 emissions, the climate will change in a way that probably isn’t beneficial for our health. We need these ways of producing in the future, for a better quality of the environment. Likewise, for a better quality of life.

I would love to buy some local tomatoes in – under! – London, but in that case I have to go by plane…
Not that good for the environment. And my wallet.



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