Social Food


The world around us is getting more and more individualistic. The same goes for food. We are very on our own, however food should create a moment to be social.

Bilge nur Saltik is the designer of Share Food. This is not a meal or nutriment itself, but tableware. The tableware is balancing slightly to one side and on the other side is showing a certain light. This way you can point the tableware to a person and this way it encourages people to share their food.

Encouraging tableware is quite smart itself. It is where it all begins, and everyone uses it.  You’ll probably feel a little selfish when only pointing the plates to yourself and you’ll more often point it to someone else that you point it to.

This is an example that proves that we’re more willing to be more social when it comes to food again. I guess people feel that they’re turning more individualistic and maybe a little selfish in this society. We want back but the longer it takes, the harder it becomes to find the way back. These are little gadgets that could stimulate us and we should see great value in that.

Enjoy your meal!



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