Save water, drink champagne


Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right. Unfortunately, this – for us – endless flow of drinking water is not so obvious for everyone. It is good to know that there are many new initiatives in the field of water saving. These initiatives may be our future:

1. Water-saving Shower

This shower saves water when it’s warming up. Really smart, because I believe I waste a lot of water when my shower is warming up. It takes some time, the shower is running and I don’t even make use of it!

2. Sweat Machine

3. Water-Collecting Bio Buildings

There is enough water, but the biggest part of it isn’t clean. The RainHouse building makes it clean by collecting rain water and filter it afterwards.

Source: www.pinterest.comSource:

I think these signals are cool, because each of them are creative ways to stop the waste of water or to create clean drinking water. Creativity is necessary when it’s about sustainability.

The signals have future growth potential as well. In the future, every house should be able to transfer water into clean drinking water. We can’t live anymore like we do now, we waste too much water, we waste too much of anything. Creative, sustainable concepts are the future for a better world.



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