I want to ride my bicycle

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As a real Dutchie, I can’t imagine a life without a bicycle. But I do remember my Italian exchange student. I had to learn her how to ride a bike, like she was a 4-year old girl.

To reduce the carbon emissions, the bicycle might be the solution for the future and getting a driving licence will be superfluous.
We have to take account into the habitants around the Himalayas and other mountains, but electric power will make it even easy for them.

There have been designed many new concepts for bikes in the future.
The  Air-Purifier Bike is a great example. De bike filters the wind before the cyclist breathes in. The air purifier is built into the handlebars of the bicycle. In this way, the cyclists get a ‘reward ‘for going by bike instead of using the car. I think this is cool, because it motivates other people to use their bicycle as well.

Source: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/airpurifier-bike
Source: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/airpurifier-bike

Another example is the Backpack Bicycle. You can fold it up, so that it fits on your back. In a world where the bicycle is our way of transport, it should be easy to take it with you, wherever you are. This bicycle makes traveling easier, besides it saves a lot of space. (Imagine Amsterdam, more bicycles than habitants!)

Source: http://www.incrediblethings.com/lists/cool-concept-bikes/Source: http://www.incrediblethings.com/lists/cool-concept-bikes/

I think these bicycles have future growth potential, because we need really cool bicycles to convince everyone to go by bike. Furthermore, these bicycles have great functions, promotional for a healthier and cleaner world.

The bicycles are good for our quality of life, especially for our physical wellbeing, because we sport more than when driving a car. Our material wellbeing could improve as well, because we should be very proud with a bicycle like one of these!



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