Plus-size is the new skinny?


In the documentary ‘A Perfect 14‘ (coming out in June), three plus-size models show their aversion to the unrealistic beauty ideal. There have been many protests against this beauty ideal, but still 99% of the models in magazines is skinny. The plus-size models want to change the world of fashion in our society. When there appears a photo of a plus-size model on Facebook, the critical comments about her body are endless. It shouldn’t be a big deal, because when I walk across the streets and look around, the average girl isn’t size zero at all. The media show a way different standard than it is in real life.


I think it is cool, because the documentary shows us what real beauty is. Three powerful women with their own story. There is a desperate need for diversity. Skinny models are okay, but not when that is all there is. Hopefully, the society gets to love these three models displayed in the documentary.

I believe the documentary will touch many people. One of the girls fights against cancer and another has been bullied during her childhood. While watching it, you will have the feeling you really get to know them. Only by watching the teaser, I started to appreciate these women for who they are and what they are trying to do. That is why this documentary has future growth potential. The models will help to portray women realistically. There have to be more models women can identify themselves with.


The documentary will improve women’s quality of life. Their physical wellbeing will be better, because they don’t feel they need to lose too much weight. The new models show a healthy, ‘normal’ body. May be it will help reduce eating disorders on the long term. Their emotional wellbeing will improve as well, because women can finally identify themselves with models. Their self-esteem and satisfaction will get a boost. As long as the models aren’t size zero or obese, I am happy. Models are setting an example for the society, so let that be a healthy one.



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