The Natural Effect


“People deserve to know the truth about their food” is said at the end of the parody video ‘The Natural Effect’.

It is unbelievable how easy it is for producers and marketeers to put the label ‘natural’ on their product. And I think it is even more unbelievable that many ‘smart customers’ still believe this. The video is cool, because it is not just a funny video. It has a clear message which has to do with transparency. We shouldn’t believe everything that is written on the package. And what is ‘natural’? It sounds healthy, like organic food. But ‘natural’ is just a healthy looking word, it actually doesn’t mean anything.

We deserve to know what is in our food. And that’s why this coolhunt has Future Growth Potential. We – customers – want real food without genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, growth hormones and toxic pesticides. We want honesty and transparency, now and in the future. That’s what this video offers us.

Be a smart customer, don’t believe in ‘natural’!



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