Never grow up. It’s a trap!


From the moment I visited the living/interior exhibition Maison et Objet in Paris one year ago, I rediscovered my love for child toys, clothing and other stuff. The fact that my Barbies and stuffed animals are still gathering dust in the attic, I could due to some kind of youth sentiment. But at this exhibition I noticed how instantly happy I felt. I think that’s because I am super excited to design or develop kids concepts myself!

The sad thing was that we weren’t allowed to take pictures: ‘Pas de photos, pas de photos!’, a little conflicting with what the teachers told us: ‘take at least 60 inspiring pictures!’. Yes, great assignment thanks.. This therefore resulted in a complex situation with cameras hidden under sweaters and scarves and hopeful attempts to ask the designers (in my best French) if we could take a picture anyway:



M&O 11   M&O 13

M&O 14


M&O 2   M&O 5

M&O 7

Anne-Claire Petit

Mask’animo, Wu & Wu, Mouche en Anne-Claire Petit are the names and brands which impressed me the most. The reason why I publish this article so late (Maison et Objet 2015 had even passed by already) is because I have just done something that has inspired me there. I have had an actual crochet lesson! A friend of mine got the skills and she would like to teach me.

2015-09-04 17.20.44

Not presentable in an exhibition yet, I am aware. But it’s a start!

#M&O2015 on Instagram:

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 7-9-2015 120406.bmp

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 7-9-2015 120513.bmp

Hopefully I can therefore conclude that crocheting is still cool and that I don’t need to be regarded as ultimate granny.


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