Once upon a time… TexTales


Friday October 23th, I astonished myself by all the beauty at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I spotted a coolhunt where I have written about earlier. When I discovered TexTales two years ago, it was just an idea on Kickstarter and very depending on sponsors. I wanted to convince my visitors of the future growth potential of this concept. It was particularly me who was excited.

However, DDW 2015 confirms my enthusiasm: all visitors were able to admire TexTales for one week. That’s why I would like to pay even more attention to it by writing this.

I remember those nights when I was younger. Surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals, warm under my blanket. I enjoyed the stories my parents told me, in particular the self-invented stories by my dad. The same characters ‘Joris’ and ‘Suzanne’ always accompanied me while going to sleep.

Storytelling and reading a book stimulates the linguistic development. Since still not every parent tells their kid a bedtime story, TexTales may be helpful for parents and even more fun for the kids. TexTales is a combination of some bed sheets and a tablet or smartphone application. The bed sheets are printed with images. The tablet or smartphone application recognizes these images and transforms them in 3D characters from a fairy tale.

TexTales is an example of virtuality and involvement, augmented reality has a major role in this product. When the tablet scannes and recognizes a bear on the textile, the kids can play with the textile to transform the digital visual. Because of this product, storytelling ánd going to sleep becomes a memorable experience. TexTales is cool because it is surprising, you don’t expect that the flat flowers and animals on the textile are suddenly moving and jumping.





Augmented Reality is a trend which will expand even more. Besides, parents have problems with getting their children into their beds. With this innovation, the child probably can’t wait to go to bed! The product may solve problems and is perfectly in line with the new trend. That’s why TexTale has future growth potential.

Sleep well my dear readers!


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