Experience Rome from Home


First, just give yourself a minute to figure out what this product might be.


Exactly. It’s a can. Filled with air. That’s all.

You wouldn’t expect that there is a need for a product like this. Basically, it is nothing. The air will look the same as the ‘Dutch air’. However, I have the guts to say that this is a product which sells at the moment.

Regarding to my trend map, the product perfectly fits in our current zeitgeist so I’d like to label this can with air as cool.

The trend ‘Spoil Yourself’ means that consumers become less materialistic due to the enormous wealth and overflow. Instead of purchasing a second car, we are looking for new experiences and intanglible things. The increase in the travel industry confirms this. The quote ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ enrichens the trend. This product might not be an actual ‘trip’, but it represents the experience of another culture.

‘Feel Connected’ is another relevant trend. The product is for sale on Etsy: a webshop full of creatives from all over the world. Consumers share and cocreate nowadays. This ‘can’ contributes to this by sharing just a little piece from a specific city with the rest of the world. Thanks to globalization, traveling becomes easier and more accessible.

Never been to Rome? Order your can online and begin your journey while still at home!

*strong la dolce vita scent and pizza al taglio smell inside.
*May contain traces of the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Piazza della Repubblica and the Pantheon.

The product is 100% bio. Fresh air from Rome relieves stress, cures homesickness
and helps fighting nostalgia. It is made by careful hands in the heart of the city. All descriptions on the can are in English.
Buck, M., Ruetz, D., & Freitag, R. (2014). ITB WORLD TRAVEL TRENDS REPORT. Berlijn: Messe Berlin GmbH.
van der Welle, D. (2015, december 3). Reistrends voor 2016. Opgeroepen op april 25, 2016, van Reishonger: http://www.reishonger.nl/reisnieuws/trends-voor-2016/


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