Two beer or not two beer


It had long been a great fantasy of every bartender: a beer pipeline that could funnel the staple drink of Belgium beneath the cobbled streets and gothic houses of Bruges.

Now, though, the dream became reality: Belgium’s first major beer pipeline is alive! From today, Bruges beer flows under the city. From a brewery in the center of Brugge pumped to the bottling room, more than three kilometers away. The beer flows through an underground beer pipeline.

Until now, the beer was always brought by trucks to the bottle factory, but thanks to the plastic beer tube it is no longer necessary. The brewery is killing two birds with one stone: the trucks don’t have to enter the historical center of the city anymore and besides, the brewery has the possibility to expand.


I think it is really cool, because it’s all about efficiency, creativity and innovation. Moreover, this idea contributes to the sustainability trend, because it reduces CO2 emissions. So, say hi to future growth potential!

It’s only 10 a.m. but I got thirsty.. But it’s probably 5 o’clock somewhere on this earth?



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