Jeg elsker dig, Nørrebro


Oh how I love Danish!
Unfortunately my knowledge ends at ‘tak’ (thank you), ‘skål’ (cheers) and the title above (I love you).

For a trend watcher, Copenhagen really is the place to be: many lovely coffee/food concepts and artsy ateliers filled with design. In particular Nørrebro: a very multicultural, trendy, hipster kinda district with lots of students.

During my last visit this August, I stayed in an Airbnb in the center of Nørrebro. When I walked out of the apartment, I stepped in the middle of the Superkilen park. I didn´t really understand what the aim or meaning of the park was, but it made me happy: I wanted to run (please understand this isn’t very common for me), climb and play around like a little kid.

Everything is included in the park: skating tracks, swings, hammocks, a boxing ring, barbecues, everything you can imagine. Besides it is one kilometre-long!

Photo taken 05/08/2016

Photo taken 07/08/2016

Back in the Netherlands, full of nostalgia and suffering from post-vacation blues (this really is a thing) I got curious about the whole meaning behind the Superkilen Park.

Apparently, the designers went traveling with five different groups of people from the Superkilen neighbourhood to a country of their choice, following a specific story or memory that would eventually lead to objects for inclusion in Superkilen.

The five trips went all over the world and some very different objects were brought back. For instance a sound system from Jamaica, a bull from Spain and a boxing ring from Thailand, all chosen by inhabitants from the area.

So the park really encourages diversity and the aim is to unify the inhabitants with more than 60 nationalities.

In my opinion, this is a beautiful development. It’s not only that sport brings people together, the park gives people the space to feel at home and to shape some self-esteem. When I think of all the refugees, I can imagine it is incredibly hard for them to get used to a totally different country/culture. Therefore I think this is a great beginning to create a place which literally and explicitly belongs to everyone.

suk_image_by_torben_eskerod_11© Torben Eskerod




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