Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Scandinavia got me, again!

Visitors to Malmö in Sweden should watch out for a miniature mouse café  and shop that has taken up residence in basement windows on one of the city’s streets. The brainchild of the mysterious Anonymouse MMX, the tiny storefronts designed for the city’s population of mouse residents are simply adorable.


(Almost) everything is better in miniature shape if you ask me. It just creates some kind of harmless, accessible atmosphere.

If you try to figure it out based on scientific literature, you will read that we are evolutionarily programmed so that we are triggered by things that are small in proportion. If it is a small scale deformation (a mini version of something we also have in big sizes), we associate it with something we should cherish and protect. We find it automatically cute. A corollary of our instinct to protect young mammals and babies.

In a world full of trouble and negativity, I think people are secretly longing for something unprejudiced and innocent. Embrace positivity! 🙂


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