First of all: thank you for visiting my blog! I am very excited to show you the world of a…

  • 22-year-old Dutchie;
  • dreamer;
  • paper lover (you can imagine how I felt at home during my internship at Flow Magazine);
  • color/addict;
  • DIY’er;
  • cultural being: theatre/go out for dinner/musea/movies/parties;
  • junior trend watcher & concept developer.

The last sentence describes me in a professional way. As a Lifestyle student I try to identify and analyze social trends. The aim is to gain insight into the lifestyles of various groups of people within our society. With this knowledge I love to develop new lifestyle concepts that improve the quality of these people’s lives, both on an individual as well as on a societal level.

To get to know me a little better, I exposed my ‘lifestyle’ based on the six areas below (the areas we research as well during the four-year bachelor).


‘If the whole world was blind. How many people would you impress?’
The beauty ideal, the gender neutrality movement.


Try new and different routes to work/school to exercise my brain and boost my creativity.
Get lost, explore.



My inner struggle between my Burgundian lifestyle and my attempts to a healthy way of living.


Citytrips, travel, theatre, music, magazines, Efteling
Party planner à la Jordan Ferney: https://www.instagram.com/ohhappyday/


Cocktail of new, vintage and homemade materials/furniture.
Perhaps a little farmhouse?


Find three good things each day to feel happy and healthy. It limits my stress level.
Being mindful


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