Slow down


Time is slipping through our fingers. 24 hours in a day just don’t seem to be enough. The ticking hands of the clock are getting on your nerves, am I right?

‘Deal with it’, is how the clock would answer you. Don’t let it distract you. But it isn’t as simple as that. Is there a way to change it? Well, you could just throw away the batteries of your clock and act like you have unlimited hours in a day, but I’m afraid that your boss and the rest of your social network won’t appreciate it.

But gladly I’m not writing this for nothing. The French designer Bina Baitel created the Lash Clock. The main purpose is that she wants to display the speed of the time as quiet as possible.



The clock radiates a meditative atmosphere. The design reminds us of an eye with lashes. If you take a good look at it, you see that there is a space at two places between the hairs. The larger space represents the hour, while the smaller space shows the minutes.

I simply love this design! The Western world is very focused on time. When people have been traveling in Asia for example, they have to get used to this ‘rushed’ lifestyle when they get back. Hopefully this will make us a little more zen.


Twiddle yourself tranquilo


Just a few Kickstarter projects outperformed the Fidget Cube. A cube with each side buttons that you can press, click and wiggle. The makers needed $ 15,000, the counter now stands at 4.6 million. And they still have a month to go for crowdfunding. Why would you want or even buy such a thing?


Neuropsychology professor Erik Scherder thinks fidgeting is very hyping nowadays. “Internet, social media and apps have brought us many wonderful things, but there is also a downside: Too many incentives because all the technology and communication demands our attention. By fidgeting, you are able to bring your central nervous system in a relax mode.”

By fumbling, you can also steer your attention. “It takes away the noise,” said Scherder. That’s why you see students in lectures fidgeting with their hair or people playing with the button of their pen during meetings in the office . That’s not a lack of interest, the fidgeting increases concentration.”

From my perspective as a trendwatcher, I can confirm that play is an upcoming trend. You see inflatables festivals for adults (bouncy castles, assault courses, water slides, bumper balls, base jumps and of course the classic ball pits) coming up, escape rooms. This is also due to the fast, crowded and busy world we’re living in. We want to escape from this routine.

Online Nanny


A few years ago, when I was babysitting, the two year old boy asked me: “Why don’t you have an iPad?” Yes, I have to admit: I was not as up to date as the two year old boy was.

I don’t say the combination ‘children and online’ is bad and maybe I have to give in that ‘being online’ is the future. However, I think it is important that parents are involved with all these renewals and in my opinion they are allowed to know a part of what their children do on the internet.

NetNanny has the solution. The application will block inappropriate content of websites. Parents can choose which application the children can download. There are many filters and the filters will unable the children to download gambling games or to watch porn. Some websites have pop-ups, so children accidently arrive on a porn website. NetNanny will stop that. Parents will get notifications by email when something is wrong. It may sound a little bit like stalking, but in this online society, I might think it is necessary. You should tell your children about it though.

The application is cool, because NetNanny gives children the freedom to surf on the Internet, but parents don’t need to be afraid that the children see inappropriate content. Parent don’t have to see exactly what their children do, but they can protect them.

It has future growth potential, because we are living in a world where ‘being online’ is usual. In the newspapers we read lots of posts about online pedophiles. I don’t think there is an option to keep the children from the internet, because almost every mother and every father has a smartphone. To let the children do what they want, is NetNanny really helpful. Benefit for both: kids can enjoy being online and parents can enjoy because they don’t need to be afraid anymore!