Slow down


Time is slipping through our fingers. 24 hours in a day just don’t seem to be enough. The ticking hands of the clock are getting on your nerves, am I right?

‘Deal with it’, is how the clock would answer you. Don’t let it distract you. But it isn’t as simple as that. Is there a way to change it? Well, you could just throw away the batteries of your clock and act like you have unlimited hours in a day, but I’m afraid that your boss and the rest of your social network won’t appreciate it.

But gladly I’m not writing this for nothing. The French designer Bina Baitel created the Lash Clock. The main purpose is that she wants to display the speed of the time as quiet as possible.



The clock radiates a meditative atmosphere. The design reminds us of an eye with lashes. If you take a good look at it, you see that there is a space at two places between the hairs. The larger space represents the hour, while the smaller space shows the minutes.

I simply love this design! The Western world is very focused on time. When people have been traveling in Asia for example, they have to get used to this ‘rushed’ lifestyle when they get back. Hopefully this will make us a little more zen.


Lego House


‘I’m gonna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego house…’
I have always known that Ed Sheeran was a great inspiration to many people ;).

Create an additional workspace, build a table, create more storage space, everything is possible with these super useful building blocks of Ever Block Systems. A film in which the company demonstrates the blocks, is going viral.
It’s a bit like Duplo/Lego for adults. The building blocks of Ever Block Systems can transform any living space into something new. And it’s fun too.

The blocks are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Each structure is also easy to disassemble again, so you can quickly shake a new creation out of your sleeve. A simple but ingenious invention.

In barely one week, the demonstration movie of the company already has 61 million views and has been shared more than a million times.

In my opinion, there are several reasons why a product like this strikes at the moment.
It’s about authenticity and efficiency: people want their living space to be unique but it has to be easy, because of a lack of time.

What makes it even more interesting is the ‘play’ aspect. It looks like playing for adults is something booming. You see playground festivals popping up, meeting rooms designed in ball pits, now this. In a world full of burn-outs and high work pressure, the need to feel like a little kid again is growing. These building blocks offer a nostalgic feeling and the opportunity to play. That’s why I think products like this have future growth potential.

Two beer or not two beer


It had long been a great fantasy of every bartender: a beer pipeline that could funnel the staple drink of Belgium beneath the cobbled streets and gothic houses of Bruges.

Now, though, the dream became reality: Belgium’s first major beer pipeline is alive! From today, Bruges beer flows under the city. From a brewery in the center of Brugge pumped to the bottling room, more than three kilometers away. The beer flows through an underground beer pipeline.

Until now, the beer was always brought by trucks to the bottle factory, but thanks to the plastic beer tube it is no longer necessary. The brewery is killing two birds with one stone: the trucks don’t have to enter the historical center of the city anymore and besides, the brewery has the possibility to expand.


I think it is really cool, because it’s all about efficiency, creativity and innovation. Moreover, this idea contributes to the sustainability trend, because it reduces CO2 emissions. So, say hi to future growth potential!

It’s only 10 a.m. but I got thirsty.. But it’s probably 5 o’clock somewhere on this earth?




Tv, mobile phone, iPad… It is all useful. But what about all these chargers and wires? They are ugly but regularly present. I always have the urge to hide them, but I need my phone charger every night.

To recreate a cozy and attractive living room, the Cybernetic Meadow Collection expects to give us the solution. The collection gives you the opportunity to hide these technologies and experience the nature instead. The collection offers a charging station for your smartphone, a tray to hide the router and some USB sticks looking like stones.


It is cool, because in my opinion technology can be pretty ugly. The Cybernetic Meadow Collection makes technology fashionable and pretty. Besides, the collection makes you concious. You have to water the plants and care for them. Indirectly, you will be more concious about the technology by being more focused.

At first sight, the collection itself doesn’t have future growth potential. However, the collection is part of the consortium for Slower Internet. Slower Internet thinks that information should be absorbed with more attention and rest. The consortium wants internet users to deal with information in a more natural and human way. This cooperation is focused on the future, because the world is getting faster and that isn’t always a good thing.


The product is part of the ‘Living Room Society’, because the design makes it more comfortable and attractive to be in that room. Besides, there is an experience in the product. The USB sticks by example are transformed into natural stones.

Hiding the ugly stuff in return for a home full of nature!


The girl Nextdoor


It’s time to show you my first coolhunt of my second year!
We – lifestyle professionals (in pre) – do it everywhere: coolhunting. At school, in stores, fitnesscenters and on the web.
But what is cool?
“Cool is attractive, inspiring and with future growth potential.”

In my opinion, the new social network Nextdoor is cool. The intention of Nextdoor is to get the people off their computers. We all know Facebook and Twitter and we all know that it is popular. Many people are – how can I say this properly – addicted to it and I won’t deny that I never check my Facebook-timeline twice a minute…

However, I have the feeling that we want to go back to how we used to live, we miss the face-to-face conversations. We want to live like we did in the past, but with a modern touch. We don’t want to share with hundreds of “friends” anymore.
Nextdoor has the solution for this ‘problem’. If you want to sign up, you are required to give your real adress and thereafter you see yourself in a network in your community, with your neighbours and equals.


Anyhow, Nextdoor ís a social network, but it makes it easier to get in touch with your neighbours in real life. People regularly live in their own little world, they are too busy to really get to know who lives in their neighbourhood. Nextdoor shows users a map of the neighbourhood so you can see who lives next to you. Moreover, Nextdoor gives people the opportunity to find a reliable baby-sitter, inform eachother quickly when there’s a break-in and to organize a party for the community.


I think Nextdoor has future growth potential, because we all love the sense of community. For instance, I hate soccer. But during the World Cup I’m dressed in orange, red, white and blue and I might be yelling “Hup, Holland, Hup!!!” while I’m baking orange cupcakes for my friends and family. People need the feeling of safety, the assurance that you can always come to your neighbours when something’s wrong.

I am excited to sign up and to convince my neighbours to do the same thing.
Get in touch with the people who are literally close to you!