Slow down


Time is slipping through our fingers. 24 hours in a day just don’t seem to be enough. The ticking hands of the clock are getting on your nerves, am I right?

‘Deal with it’, is how the clock would answer you. Don’t let it distract you. But it isn’t as simple as that. Is there a way to change it? Well, you could just throw away the batteries of your clock and act like you have unlimited hours in a day, but I’m afraid that your boss and the rest of your social network won’t appreciate it.

But gladly I’m not writing this for nothing. The French designer Bina Baitel created the Lash Clock. The main purpose is that she wants to display the speed of the time as quiet as possible.



The clock radiates a meditative atmosphere. The design reminds us of an eye with lashes. If you take a good look at it, you see that there is a space at two places between the hairs. The larger space represents the hour, while the smaller space shows the minutes.

I simply love this design! The Western world is very focused on time. When people have been traveling in Asia for example, they have to get used to this ‘rushed’ lifestyle when they get back. Hopefully this will make us a little more zen.




Tv, mobile phone, iPad… It is all useful. But what about all these chargers and wires? They are ugly but regularly present. I always have the urge to hide them, but I need my phone charger every night.

To recreate a cozy and attractive living room, the Cybernetic Meadow Collection expects to give us the solution. The collection gives you the opportunity to hide these technologies and experience the nature instead. The collection offers a charging station for your smartphone, a tray to hide the router and some USB sticks looking like stones.


It is cool, because in my opinion technology can be pretty ugly. The Cybernetic Meadow Collection makes technology fashionable and pretty. Besides, the collection makes you concious. You have to water the plants and care for them. Indirectly, you will be more concious about the technology by being more focused.

At first sight, the collection itself doesn’t have future growth potential. However, the collection is part of the consortium for Slower Internet. Slower Internet thinks that information should be absorbed with more attention and rest. The consortium wants internet users to deal with information in a more natural and human way. This cooperation is focused on the future, because the world is getting faster and that isn’t always a good thing.


The product is part of the ‘Living Room Society’, because the design makes it more comfortable and attractive to be in that room. Besides, there is an experience in the product. The USB sticks by example are transformed into natural stones.

Hiding the ugly stuff in return for a home full of nature!