Slow down


Time is slipping through our fingers. 24 hours in a day just don’t seem to be enough. The ticking hands of the clock are getting on your nerves, am I right?

‘Deal with it’, is how the clock would answer you. Don’t let it distract you. But it isn’t as simple as that. Is there a way to change it? Well, you could just throw away the batteries of your clock and act like you have unlimited hours in a day, but I’m afraid that your boss and the rest of your social network won’t appreciate it.

But gladly I’m not writing this for nothing. The French designer Bina Baitel created the Lash Clock. The main purpose is that she wants to display the speed of the time as quiet as possible.



The clock radiates a meditative atmosphere. The design reminds us of an eye with lashes. If you take a good look at it, you see that there is a space at two places between the hairs. The larger space represents the hour, while the smaller space shows the minutes.

I simply love this design! The Western world is very focused on time. When people have been traveling in Asia for example, they have to get used to this ‘rushed’ lifestyle when they get back. Hopefully this will make us a little more zen.


Let’s Hygge a little


Flanel blankets, fire places, woollen socks, candle lights, tea or hot chocolate, cuddling, having dinner with friends. How would you name this feeling in English? I would use ‘gezelligheid’ in Dutch, ‘cosiness’ perhaps?

Anyway, until today I didn’t believe there was a perfect term which includes it all. A while ago I told you about my love for Denmark. This love grew even more when I first noticed the word ‘hygge’. It represents an ‘intimate gathering with people you can relax with’, creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. It’s a verb in Danish – you can hygge together!

It is seen in Denmark as part of the national identity and culture. Hygge is the antidote to the cold winter, the rainy days and the vast darkness. You can hygge all year, but in winter it becomes a survival strategy. No wonder that the Danish people are the happiest people in the world.


I think it is not a coincidence that currently, articles and even books are written about this Danish phenomenon. The desire to come together with family and friends is getting bigger and bigger in a world where in fact the opposite is happening with wars and conflicts.

Hygge has future growth potential, because this concept focuses on the good things in life. It is a strategy to improve our quality of life. We need to connect again, to accomplish – I won’t say world peace – more love and understanding.  It reminded me of this beautiful quote:

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” — Ryunosuke Satoro

Lesson learned: I’m going to enjoy this evening with pillows, blankets, candles and my family. And set up a Pinterest board with some hygge inspiration.

What is your favourite hygge thing to do?

Social Food


The world around us is getting more and more individualistic. The same goes for food. We are very on our own, however food should create a moment to be social.

Bilge nur Saltik is the designer of Share Food. This is not a meal or nutriment itself, but tableware. The tableware is balancing slightly to one side and on the other side is showing a certain light. This way you can point the tableware to a person and this way it encourages people to share their food.

Encouraging tableware is quite smart itself. It is where it all begins, and everyone uses it.  You’ll probably feel a little selfish when only pointing the plates to yourself and you’ll more often point it to someone else that you point it to.

This is an example that proves that we’re more willing to be more social when it comes to food again. I guess people feel that they’re turning more individualistic and maybe a little selfish in this society. We want back but the longer it takes, the harder it becomes to find the way back. These are little gadgets that could stimulate us and we should see great value in that.

Enjoy your meal!


Message in a bottle


Two litres of water a day, keeps the doctor away. I never achieve that goal and I could definitely use some help with it.

Many people struggle with the big amount of water you have to consume every day. You need water to regulate your body temperature and when you don’t drink enough, you run the risk of getting a urinary infection, a headache, no focus on your work or other complications.


BluFit is a water bottle that is in direct contact with your smartphone to record your water drinking habits. In the meanwhile, the smart bottle will keep you healthy and hydrated. The app needs some personal data like your age and weight to show you how much water you need. When you start drinking from your BluFit bottle, the bottle collects the time and amount of water consumed and thereafter the app will show you these data.


I think it is cool, because everyone carries a bottle of water and a smartphone at work or in college and BluFit creates a practical combination of those two. BluFit has sounds and alert lights you can customize yourself, which makes drinking water a fun challenge.

The trend total transparency is about openness, that there is nothing to hide. The bottle exposes everything, like your drinking habits and health risks. It may be a confrontation to see your (unhealthy) lifestyle exposed, but that’s what transparency is about: the naked truth!


BluFit isn’t for sale yet, but I do think it has Future Growth Potential. It’s a signal in the transparency trend and at the same time, many people want a healthier lifestyle. In my opinion, water is the core of many health issues. When you don’t drink enough, you will get ‘hungry’. It’s a fake feeling of hunger though. So it all starts with water and the bottle contributes to the start of a healthier lifestyle.

All this writing about water makes me thirsty, so let’s take a break and see you later tonight while posting my fifth and last coolhunt!


Sleep well, dear readers


I am sorry if I am spamming you with all my blogposts one after the other. I will formulate it like this: I don’t have the greatest talent for planning.

What I do have, is the greatest application for you. The Beddit sleep tracker is an almost invisible, thin strip attached to your mattress or bed. You won’t even feel the strip when you are sleeping, but the strip does feel you! After a night sleeping on the Beddit tracker, the user can see data of the heartbeat, the breathingrhythm, the snoring and moving during the sleep. The quality of your sleep depends on these data.

Thereafter, Bluetooth will send the data to the user’s smartphone and the Beddit application will give you the opportunity to look at these results. Based on the results, the application will offer you suggestions to improve the quality of your sleep. Besides, the application has an alarm clock, which will wake you up when you are in a light stage of sleep.

large (2)

I already knew the existence of many ‘sleep apps’ for smartphones, but the Beddit sleep tracker is cool, because it’s refreshing and trustworthy. The other applications don’t offer the most reliable results, because your smartphone is next to your bed or maybe under your pillow and isn’t able to feel your heartbeat or the exact moves you make during your sleep. The normal applications are in my opinion made for entertainment (I do like them, don’t get me wrong!), but the Beddit sleep tracker can really help you to improve the quality of sleep.


I think the Beddit sleep tracker had future growth potential, because it’s a renovation. There are devices which can measure your heartbeat and breathingrhythm during the night, but these are really big. A headband or wristband feels really uncomfortable if you ask me, and maybe it will even change your data because the wristband will make you restless.

Although I just woke up, the Beddit sleep tracker seems a great excuse to me to go to sleep again!


Mouse increases happiness


Social networking, working all day at the office on a computer, writing a paper for school, gaming…
It is pretty hard to find something you can do without using your computer.
We are living in a computerworld, with computerjobs and computergames. And obviously I won’t be the first one to say that sitting all day, staring at the screen, isn’t really healthy for you.


Evgeni Leonov had exactly the same thoughts. He is an architect and designer and in March this year he designed the GoodMood Mouse. The GoodMood Mouse has two sensors, the Activity Sensor and the Wellness Sensor. The Activity Sensor sends a vibration to your arm after spending an hour working on the computer. The vibration makes clear that it’s time to get off your chair, to make a short walk and in particular to take some time for yourself. The mouse will send the vibration earlier if the mouse has made many more moves in a minute, because this means that the work has been more intense. I think it is really cool, because there are many technologies for computers, but this is a technology, for a computer, that actually improves your health! And that exactly is what makes the GoodMood Mouse fresh and new.


The Wellness Sensor measures the temperature of the body and your blood pressure. In case the results are notable and aberrant, you will hear a sound. The sound means you need to take a break, to get the standard and healthy results again.

The GoodMood Mouse has future growth potential, because more and more people will have an office job and because of the new technology, everything can be accomplished by using a computer. The GoodMood Mouse is made for people who have to sit all day. The Mouse stimulates people with this ‘sitting lifestyle’ to keep moving. Evgeni Leonove has designed this mouse to increase people’s health and quality of life. Furthermore, the mouse is made of environmentally friendly and natural materials. The Mouse is durable, so I can see this future everywhere!


Musthave for scatterbrains like me


I think everyone has had a moment like this once: in a rush and without being conscious you have put all your stuff in extremely unusual places. A few minutes later, you realise that you’ve lost your keys. … I have had this many times, and I always say something like: “I wish I could just call my keys!!!” like you do when you’ve  lost your phone.

Well, my wish came true. The Tile App gives you the opportunity to find all your lost stuff. All you need to do is attach a Tile to your keys, bicycle, wallet or phone. In case you lose something, these Tiles – bluetooth low energy tags – will trace your lost objects. The Tile doesn’t need to charge and it functions like GPS. The Tile App allows you to let a Tile ring, when you expect the object to be near.

The ‘social network’-idea behind The Tile App is sharing your Tiles with other users. When you mark one of your tagged objects as lost, all the users in your network are aware of it and can help you find it. Every user is able to pick up the location of any Tileif you share them with each other. “Where did you last see it?”, it’s always my mom asking me this question. That’s the thing mom, I don’t remember! Well, The Tile AppDOES remember.

tile-app-3 tile

In my opinion, The Tile App is really cool because losing things is a bad habit of many, many, many people. We’re living in a fast community, everyone is busy all day. Our lives can be a mess sometimes. The Tile App is a great solution to reduce our stress and the fear of losing things. For me personally, it would be a big relief.

I think it has future growth potential, because it is a solution for a ‘problem’ many people have to deal with. The more people start using the app, the more usefull it is. The Tile App has to grow to be usefull.  Watch and let’s get inspired!